'....Love is the coal that makes this train roll.


_            'A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.'  ~ Oscar Wilde & the same goes for a woman.


    coming attraction from Lisa Biales's upcoming album.

    ... remnants of today's photo shoot.

.... every day I write my book.

Days of beauty,
moments of stillness,
edged with color,
streaming with sunlight,
swimming in an ocean of Love.

                                                           ....................  I tell myself that I am a very lucky girl.

_        Lie to yourself = lie to others. Truth to yourself = truth to others.
       Lie to others = lie to yourself. Truth to others = truth to yourself.
       .....& there is no way around this truth.

The Civil Wars ~ The duo of Joy Williams and John Paul White at The Madison Theater in Covington Kentucky.