_            'A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.'  ~ Oscar Wilde & the same goes for a woman.


    coming attraction from Lisa Biales's upcoming album.

    ... remnants of today's photo shoot.

.... every day I write my book.

Days of beauty,
moments of stillness,
edged with color,
streaming with sunlight,
swimming in an ocean of Love.

                                                           ....................  I tell myself that I am a very lucky girl.

_        Lie to yourself = lie to others. Truth to yourself = truth to others.
       Lie to others = lie to yourself. Truth to others = truth to yourself.
       .....& there is no way around this truth.

The Civil Wars ~ The duo of Joy Williams and John Paul White at The Madison Theater in Covington Kentucky.

               There are always many possibilities all around us.
             Focusing in on them helps us make them real.