This photograph I made of my grand daughter & her mamma                             at the beach in California just won the OH! Snap FotoFocus                                 challenge. The challenge was about ‘Surprise’ so I chose this                             one to enter, I titled it ‘Peekaboo’.    


                SWIM ON by Lambert 2012


...ce soir, I'm workin' on 'I've Swam  Dolphins'


One of my recent works .... inspired by Van Morrison
'Makin' Love In The Green Grass' by Lambert 2012

I'm reading 'A YEAR IN THE WORLD'  and I love this passage....
so I did this little piece.
            Rural Indiana. This truck has been on this corner for years. I always look for it on every trip I make to the farm ~
            thinking 'I wonder if it's still there .... yep, it's still there'.

Today it feels almost like Spring

MURAL du PRINTEMPS ~by Lambert